Mixed Cases

The Christmas Skinny Fizz Offer

The Christmas Skinny Fizz Offer

This Christmas Skinny Fizz Case offer is one not to be missed.

The case includes 9 bottles of The Skinny Fizz but you'll only pay for 6!!

List price:£130.50
You save:£43.50
Domaine Galevan

The Grape's of Galevan

From the Rhone region in France comes the Free Expression and The Conversation of Women.   


Ravishing Reds

For the red lovers out there, we've put together a great selection of reds from around the world which are perfect for almost any occasion. 

They may not be as well known as some of the reds our Cellar Club Customers flock to, but we think they reward in spades.  

Awatere River Wines

Awatere River Mixed Case

From New Zealand, these award winning wines shouldn't be missed.  


The mixed case includes:

1 x Awatere River Chardonnay - Drink with good friends and good food.

1 x Awatere River Pinot Rose - An elegant and rewarding Rosé.


Fan's Favourites

The Fan's Favourites case contains some of the most popular wines that our members purchase.  

1 x Perla Delicata Prosecco - Delicate and fine with well-balanced fruit flavours.

1 x Beauvignac Le Moelleux Piquepoul - A very unusual Piquepoul utilising a fashionable dry white wine grape for a sweeter style.

Golfing Greats Mixed Case

Golfing Greats Mixed Case

These are not just great golfers, they're great winemakers too. Featuring 3 bottles of white wine and 3 bottles of red wine, this is a great way to introduce yourself to the sportsman's prowess in the vineyard.

1 x Arnold Palmer Chardonnay - Californian Chardonnay with a hint of Albarino to give an extra pep


Wonderful Whites

This case of wonderful whites includes:

1 x Comtesse de Marion Chardonnay - Tremendous quality for the price  of this classic unoaked Chardonnay.

1 x Chateau Calabre AOC Montravel Blanc -  A wonderfully fresh Sauvignon Blanc from Montravel.


Tuscan Treasures

Try these 2 popular wines that come from one of the oldest producers in Tuscany. Dating back over 1000 years the estates stretches over 530 hectares with Villa Cusona located in the Tuscan hills close to the medieval town of San Gimignano.

This case includes:


Club Classics

The Club Classics case contains 6 wines that are incredibly popular and well worth buying:

1 x Prosecco, Porta Leone - A family made Prosecco with more character and flavour than many less carefully made styles.


Monthly Saver Case

Monthly Saver case.

The 6 bottles of wine will change each month but the offer will remain the same.......  15% off and you will still earn your Liquid Interest.

December's case will include:-

List price:£63.00
You save:£9.45
The Numbers Collection By James Anderson

The Numbers Collection By James Anderson

Get 3 bottles of each of James Anderson's red and white wines in our pre-mixed case:

3 x No. 11 James Anderson's Reserve Blanc

3 x No. 81 James Anderson's Reserve Rouge


List price:£61.20
You save:£30.60

Domaine Preignes le Vieux Tradtion Viognier - Case of 6

Domaine Preignes le Vieux Tradtion Viognier - Case of 6

Viognier originates in the Northern Rhone Valley in the village of Condrieu where it makes complex, expensive white wines. From near extinction in the 1970s it's now a very popular varietal.


Preignes Mixed Case

The Preignes Mixed Case wines come from the estate of ​​Preignes le Vieux, an award-winning family wine producer who make wines which have a true sense of provenance.

3 x Median Chardonnay Viognier Pays d`Oc - A compelling wine that's rich and weighty with fruit freshness.


Sicilian Specials

There's 2 bottles of each of the 3 wines that come from the beautiful Tola Winery.   The vineyards are situated in Tola’s estate of Bosco Falconeria and Giambascio at about 400 mt above sea level, in the most glorious Sicilian terroir , between Palermo and Trapani.


Montecchiesi Mixed Case

Montecchiesi Mixed Case comes from Italy's famous Tuscan region renowned for their winemaking.

3 x Tenuta Montecchiesi Vermentino Chardonnay - A wine with stylish grace and superb balance.  Ideal with antipasti, lighter meats, dishes of fish and shellfish.


La Ferme Petit Paul Mixed Case

The La Ferme Petit Paul Mixed Case includes 6 bottles of easy-drinking wines.  

These French wines are suitable for a variety of occassions and match well with all manner of dishes.

Case contains:

2 x Red

2 x White

2 Rosé



Cantine Ilauri Mixed Case

Cantine Ilauri Mixed Case will reward in spades for the adventurous wine lover.

3 x Avalos Pecorino- A rare white variety native to Les Marches that was almost extinct a decade ago.

3 x Montepulciano d`Abruzzo `Le Pinciaie` - This rich, powerful Montepulciano reserve is one that should not be missed.


Eagles' Nest Mixed Case

Eagles’ Nest is nestled at the foot of the awe inspiring Table Mountain; and have gained a striking reputation for both its beauty and award winning wines delivering very distinctive wines not found elsewhere in South Africa.

The case includes:


Iconic Italian Whites

The case of Iconic Italian Whites includes:

2 x Guiseppe & Luigi Anselmi Pinot Grigio - Not your average Pinot Grigio.

2 x Guicciardini Strozzi Vernaccia di San Gimignano - A good aperitif to drink chilled at any time.

2 x Ilauri `Nora` Chardonnay - Fresh fruit flavors creates an enticing wine.

Sir Nick Faldo's Wine Collection

The Faldo Range Mixed Case

Enjoy the entire Faldo European range of wines with this mixed case of six:

1 x Faldo Sauvignon de Touraine

1 x Faldo Chablis

1 x Faldo Chateauneuf du Pape

1 x Faldo Rioja

1 x Faldo Valpolicella Ripasso

1 x Faldo Barolo