Awatere River wines have arrived!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 - 14:30

From New Zealand, these award winning wines shouldn't be missed.  

The ‘new frontier’ within Marlborough, and also likely the ‘last frontier’ as this great region nears maximum vineyard capacity, the Awatere Valley is the lesser-known, smaller valley to the South of the primary producing area. The growing season is cooler and longer, so the grapes are on the vines for several more weeks than is typical, resulting in greater flavour intensity, distinct minerality and delicious herbaceous flavours – often coupled with better structure and complexity. At the top of the valley the statuesque, snow-capped Mount Tapuae-o-uenuku (Tapi) stretches into the sky, and fuels the Awatere River with the crisp, clean water that feeds our vines. ‘Awatere’ means ‘swift flowing river’ in Maori.

Awatere River Chardonnay - Drink with good friends and good food.

Awatere River Pinot Rose - An elegant and rewarding Rosé.

Awatere River Sauvignon Blanc - With the distinctive Awatere Valley characteristics this Sauvignon Blanc has finesse.

Awatere River Pinot Noir - Has the elegance and finesse on the palate all good Pinot Noirs should have.