Monthly Saver Case

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You save:£11.58

Monthly Saver case.

The 6 bottles of wine will change each month but the offer will remain the same.......  15% off and you will still earn your Liquid Interest.


This month we are celebrating our international women winemakers with this super mixed case of wine.  


1 x  `Paroles De Femme` Cotes du Rhone - the conversation of women announces itself with a clarion call of deft delicacy.

1 x  Cotes du Rhone Blanc Libre Expression - truly original combination of freshness and fullness.

1 x  Bolney Bubbly - A very stylish and quality English sparkling wine.

1 x  La Balade Minervois - a stunning blend; it's rich, full, generous and rewarding.

1 x  Comtesse de Marion Sauvignon Blanc L`Envolee - a classic dry white wine has vibrant aromas.

1 x  Paradis Rosé - light and fruity crème de la crème of rosés.