Santa Rosato Merlot

Santa Rosato Merlot

Tasting Note: 
Ripe and plush in its fruit, lots of berry and plum aromas on the nose followed by soft berry, mocha coffee and plum fruit on the palate, finishing smooth, concentrated and well balanced.
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The Ossa vineyards lie along the banks of the Cachapoal River in the Rapel Valley which crosses the Chilean Coastal Mountain Range. The vineyards 1,500 planted acres are spread out in three smaller valleys known as Peumo, Cornellana and La Palmeria de Cocalan, each known for its individual characteristics - the Peumo plantation contains the oldest vines in the estate, Cornellana has steeply sloping vineywards within a narrow and hidden valley and La Palmeria de Cocalan is where the vineyards share the fields with hundreds of ancient native Chilean palm trees. The Cachapoal Valley is protected by the Chilean costal range which reduces the influence of the cool and humid winds coming from the Pacific on their red wine vineyards.


The Santa Rosato Merlot comes from vineyards in Peumo and Cornellena, the fruit is very ripe and the wine is handled carefully to make sure it does not become too robust in style, allowing it to remain supple and approachable. Grapes are destalked to avoid excessive tannins, skins are plunged gently in the fermentation to extract good colour without extracting too many tannins. The growing season is lengthened as the sunny days of summer are cooled at night by cool air coming from the ocean. The summers are followed by relatively cool autumns which mean long and even ripening, retention of fresh acidities, the development of silky, gentle grape tannins and intense fruit flavours, all of which are displayed admirably in this Merlot.


Good all round wine for drinking and food matching. Grilled meats, Burger, Stroganoff

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