Mamont Vodka - Siberian Winter Wheat

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Elegant, timeless and full of character, Mamont vodka is produced in one of Russia’s oldest distilleries at the foot of the famous Altai Mountains. The ultimate in smooth Vodka — silk on the palate. Suitable both for drinking chilled neat, and for premium cocktails. Mamont Vodka is produced and bottled in Siberia. Its taste has been described as “soft with a hint of sweetness and a dry finish” and as unique as the tusk shaped Mamont bottle. When you taste Mamont Vodka you discover the spirit of Siberia.

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The Altai Mountain springs supply spring water, renowned throughout Russia for its purity. For Mamont, the finest Siberian white winter wheat is used in a carefully controlled fermentation to produce an exceptional alcohol. The spirit is then distilled five times and carefully filtered through silver birch charcoal, with added cedar nuts (a nod to the food of the mammoth for which the product is named)

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Tasting notes

An incredibly pure, almost creamy textured vodka which is perfect for sipping neat or as a base for premium cocktails