La Valle Oi Italian Malt Birra

Tasting Note: 

A unique malt beer made from 100% Italian barley from our wonderful makers of Franciacorta. This natural beer is amber in colour and has a real purity of aroma and flavour. Roasted malt aromas and a fresh and elegant palate that is well balanced. Oi Birra is inspired by tradition, but produced with advanced technology.

Bottle Size: 


The barley used to make this malt beer is grown in the Oglio river region in Lombardy and is cultivated with passion and enthusiasm. No filtration takes place in order to preserve the purity of aromas and flavours. The slow secondary fermentation in bottle enables this unique beer to evolve over time.

Serving Suggestion

It should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from light and heat, and served in large thin glass goblets at 8-10 ° C. The important white foam will form, soft as a cream, it is a guarantee of authenticity and helps maintain the right balance.

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