Finca Venta De Don Quijote Valle De L`ermita VQ 2009

Tasting Note: 
Expressive, complex traditionally blended deep, dark berried, modern, Spanish, red wine, using French oak barriques. Blending traditional Tempranillo with Syrah and Cabernet. Dynamic, mulberry and cocoa aromas, expressive and complex in its flavours, ever changing in the glass, dark berried fruits, as deep as they are long...
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Surrounded by the typical landscape of the area (Castilla la Mancha), the Finca Venta Don Quijote, inheritor of a very old tradition which goes back several centuries of dedication to the culture and wine growing, is located in Toboso, in the heart of Castilla la Mancha, also known as the gold triangle of viticulture in the area. 

Ever since the property was acquired in 1997 by the Perez Molina family, traditionally dedicated to agriculture and the growing of grapes, a deep transformation of the vineyards began completing a surface of 650 hectares. A wide range of varieties of red, Tempranillo, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Grenache and white grapes as Sauvignon Blanc, Macabeo, Grenache White are being grown after meticulous studies of the different types of soil. The family started producing and commercializing their own wines in 2006 under the label VQ, Finca Venta de Don Quijote. Since then they have had a lot of successes and several awards. The company has also initiated different projects like the construction of a hotel  to help grown wine culture of Castilla la Mancha.


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