Domaine des Trinités `La Deves` Pezenas 2015

Tasting Note: 
Juicy red fruit with summer berries and plum notes. A long spicy finish. Notes of the Garrigue that keep on reminding you of the terroir. We recommend decanting this wine as a slight sediment is to be expected in this style of wine.
Bottle Size: 


The Domaine des Trinités covers 24 hectares and is located on the sun baked schist slopes of the Cevennes, where what little vegetation there is struggles against the elements to produce its crop. It’s this meager rock “soil” which forces the vines roots deeper and deeper to find water and minerals and in the end produces the uniquely expressive and complex wines of this beautiful Domaine. The micro climate with its 3 prevailing winds, which bring in turn freshness, precipitation and a gentle drying effect, combine with the schist to deliver wines of elegance and plenty of character. The vines are divided between the classic Faugères schist (Paleozoic Era), at an altitude of 200 – 300m and the adjoining yellow schist vineyards of the Coteaux de Languedoc further east along the same formation.The steep south facing slopes surrounded by nothing other than Garrigue ensure great drainage and the optimum ripening conditions of hot days and cool evenings, providing the perfect micro-climate for the deep rooting vines grown.The local varieties of Syrah, Grenache, Mourvedre, Carignan and Cinsault are particularly well suited to express the terroir of soil, local herbaceous garrigue, and climate to provide plenty of blending options and multi dimensional wines. All the vines differ in age with some of the Grenache and Carignan being as old as 80 years, whilst the Syrah has an average age of 20 years and the south facing slopes, ensure fantastic drainage with varieties such as the Mourvedre benefiting from the maximum sun exposure, thus ensuring fine maturity for this notoriously difficult to ripen variety. The vines are either trained in the traditional “Gobelet” – mainly the old Carignan and some of the older Grenache Noir, whereas the remainder are trellised on wire in the “Cordon Royat” form. 


Boar stew to eat the creatures that steal so many of the grapes from the vines.

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