Catherine et Didier Tripoz Macon Charnay Les Macon Clos des Tournons

Tasting Note: 
Ripe apples and pears with a freshness which makes it a well balanced Chardonnay without the heavy, oily feel that so many clumsily made New World Chardonnay wines can have. There is less exotic melon and peach fruit here, more ripe apples and pears with a captivating freshness and raciness that makes it an excellent Chardonnay to match food, as it will not dominate.
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On first tasting, Chardonnays like Didier's Macon do not make a huge impression, especially if you are used to Australian Chardonnays at this level, whose big fruit structures and sometimes over-reliance on oak-aging demand your attention. Wines like this Macon are far more subtle and genteel. They are persuasive rather than all powerful and it is this more laid back structure that makes them such good food wines. They leave room for the food and combine structurally, not just with complementary flavours.


The Domaine is well located with good Southerly aspect on favoured slopes which helps achieve full ripeness. They lie around the town of Charnay, one of the towns in the Maconnaise that is allowed to put its name on the label. Vineyards are hand cultivated and vines average 30 years old. Didier only makes wine from his own vineyards and it is this sense of heritage, dedication and ability that allows the traditional growing areas of France to compete with the vast scale of production of the New World when it comes to making individual, characterful, terroir-orientated wine.


All the work in the vineyard pruning and picking is done by hand. Grapes are picked into small baskets to avoid premature crushing. Fermentation is in stainless steel with about 10% of the Chardonnay production being aged in 2 year old barriques and then blended back into the blend. Minerality and lift are Didiers main preoccupations, rather than sheer weight of fruit.


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